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SSETI Express - 2nd launch campaign - update

The SSETI Express satellite is still scheduled to launch at 06:52 UTC on 
Thursday 27th October on board a Kosmos 3M launcher.

The launch team has now reached Moscow and will be boarding the train for 
Plesetsk this evening for the 18 hour journey. This means that it will 
probably be late tomorrow or Friday morning before we will have moved the 
satellite out of its protective travel case back onto the pedestal on which 
it needs to sit for the final tests and checks to be performed.

We expect to have to check all the battery voltages in the cubesats and the 
T-Pod launchers in addition to SSETI Express's main unit. If required each 
of these will be topped up before the satellite is integrated onto the 
launch adaptor early next week.

We will also be checking the pressure in the propulsion system that was 
charged before the first launch campaign was terminated. Hopefully we will 
find that this is still at the nominal 300 bar pressure that it was 
originally charged to.

The software that will be supporting the website that will be available for 
radio amateurs to submit the telemetry and mission data that they have 
downloaded is now 95% ready for use and final testing is scheduled for this 
Friday. We expect to be able to release details of this and to make the 
SERACC (sseti express radio amateur communication client) software available 
during next weekend.

Full details of these events will be available on the Express mission 
website. This includes full information about the satellite, the ESA 
sponsored competition,and the plans for its use in the amateur satellite 


Reports already received from Plesetsk suggest that it has already started 
to snow there so we are prepared for an interesting and exciting few days.

A live webstream of the ESA produced TV coverage of the launch is going to 
be provided by Howard G6LVB at 

Exact details of this programme have not yet been announced by ESA but we 
expect it to commence at approx 06:00 UTC.

More news when it becomes available but please keep those fingers crossed 
for us!

thanks and 73

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