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RE: P3E information

Hello Piero, Luc and all others,

I feel free to speak up for this topic, as I apparently know a little 
bit more about the current status so I will try to do my best:

A group of persons (mostly involving the designers, but also additional 
individuals with a technical background who showed interest in the past) 
received the block diagram of P3E with a detailed description of signals 
and interface definitions. This was in August and to my sadness myself 
(who also got this documents) only recently (last few days) had time to 
have a deeper look into this. The purpose of this data (compiled by 
Frank, DL6DBN) is to cross check all signals and module interconnections 
for bugs and errors, as this documents will provide the basis for making 
the cabling harness (which is much reduced compared to past projects due 
to the CAN-Bus, which was tested successfully for selected systems on 
As far as I know, the satellite structure and most of the mechanics are 
ready for integration or even already integrated. The first flight 
modules of electronics is ready while others are still in prototyping.
Irradiation testing of some electronics was also done this Summer to 
validate the functionality for the expected radiation environment.
Viktor, OE1VKW did some orbit calculations for P3E to make sure, we 
don't hit again this 'sweet spot', which lead to AO-13 *early* loss.
Much of this has been published in the Amsat-DL Journal, other items on 
the Amsat-UK Colloquium in Surrey.

Concerning launch, this is not only (but also) a matter of money. So 
personally, I don't expect (and don't want!) any information on this, 
until we have a confirmed launcher.. here I guess some diplomacy is 
needed and for my part, I have faith in the P3E team.

And after all, all of the team have a real life with a real job (and 
sometimes even a family, hi).. so things slow down due to prioritizing. 
It's a hobby, after all. From this, I conclude, that monthly updates are 
not really useful.. but I am sure, once there is exciting news, the 
design team will pass this on to the community.

On this occasion, I would like to pass on special thanks to the P3E 
project manager Heike Straube, Peter DB2OS and Frank, DL6DBN. I cannot 
even imagine what problems they have to deal with (maybe I just don't 
want to know..).. THANK YOU!

73s Achim, DH2VA
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