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Re: WTB: small dish and S-band feed

There is nothing magical about the N3IYR dishes. They are offset Ku band tv dishes with a helix feed. Try here for the dish: http://www.daveswebshop.com/satmain.shtml I use the PANSAT 36" prime focus with a helix feed that I built in 45 minutes for about 8 bucks. Two tv pole house brackets from Lowe's were tweaked at the corners to make a mount for my crossboom, and the feed was built in the bottom of a juicy juice can and mounted with a few 99 cent corner brackets and a 6" hose clamp. I could hear the noise floor on AO-40 at apogee with a preamp at the feed. I also worked India at 3 degrees of elevation through the neighbor's tree, and Guam at 35 degrees of squint on SSB. You'll do well with a 3 ft setup.....

73, Drew KO4MA

Luke Stras expunged (stras@utias.utoronto.ca):

> I'm interested in purchasing a small (1 - 1.3 m) dish, along with an
> S-band feed, for a satellite installation my club is putting together.
> I thought I had a lead on one, but it dried up, and so I need to look
> elsewhere.
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