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RE: P3E information

Luc wrote, in part, ...
> Have you actually read the informations on the amsat Germany website? 
> Well, If a take a look at the articles there, I find tons of 
> interesting 
> Information. And even more interesting stuff in the Amsat Germany 
> Journal, you will receive if you are member. You are supporting the 
> Organisations who bring you these fine toys, aren't you?
> --> http://www.amsat-dl.org/p3e/
> 73, Luc


You are right, there is a lot of information there, HOWEVER,
the first English paragraph ends:

 "A launch is planned in the period 2004 to 2006." 

I believe the point Piero asked, that people like to be kept up to date and
more often please, is well proven by the "2004" part of the quote above.

Having said that, this is NOT a cheap shot at AMSAT-DL or anyone else. Just
agreeing with more updates please.

All it needs is a short paragraph or two from someone in the loop.


Jim, ZL1TYF.

Member: AMSAT New Zealand.
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