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Re: Sputnik 50th

For a lot of ( good or bad...) reason, the IAF project of 50 satellites is
now reported to ..... ( a polite way to say cancelled).
Amsat-F president

25/11/2004 10:27

To:    amsat-bb@amsat.org
Subject:    Sputnik 50th

As you have probably seen , the IAF has made an annoucement to launch 50
satellites for the commemoration of 50th years of the Sputnik launch.
To avoid too much early  question about this project, please find the
status of this  project.
The project is under the responsability of IAF ( International Astronautic
Federation)  .
A technical document describing the project should be ready  in March 2005,
opening the official request for proposal to built one ot the 50
nanosatellites ( we hope one for different country).
The annoucement of official winners  will be in october 2005 .
The flight is schedule at the end of 2007.

The actual hypothesis of work is not to have 50 free nanosatellites but all
mounted on  a ring with one commun transmitter.

No more detail today.

As I am in touch with the technical comity, based on these informations, I
am ready to collect your ideas and send them to this technical comity.

You can send me you ideas directly to my email adress ( F6FAO@amsat.org)
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