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P3E information

Dear all,

I have just made my modest contribution to the fundraising campaign for P3E,
and I would like to raise again some questions, as I did maybe a year ago.

First of all, please understand that these questions are in no way intended
as criticism towards AMSAT-DL, whose work I utmostly admire and respect.

My perplexity remains - as it has been the case for over a year now - over
information/communication issues.

I am convinced that for a large part of the satellite enthusiasts community,
P3E is not just "the next big thing" - it is "the thing". Many people, like
myself, are somewhat hung on the launch of the bird in order to re-start
amateur satellite activity in a proper way. Without wanting to detract in
any way from the excellent birds available today, many of us feel that without
a HEO you can't do serious satellite work.

Now, I keep wondering how is it possible that so little is known of the status
of such a strategically important project. AMSAT-DL produces nice information
bullettins... perhaps twice a year!

I, and I suspect very many others, are extremely eager to know what's happening
with the construction of the various modules, the challenges the team is
encoutering and how they overcome difficulties. And, especially, I am dying
to have an idea about timing. Schedule for completion of the construction,
testing, and finally a possible window for launch. I would like to hear about
such things often, perhaps on a monthly basis and if possible even more often.

Such information doesn't need to be fancily formatted or in Sheakespeare-level
literary English. A few "executive-style" paragraphs published perhaps on
this BB every two weeks would go a VERY long way in keeping the enthusiasm
and expectation alive.

Deadlines keep being pushed and are at times unpredicable? I believe it is
absolutely normal and there's nothing to be ashamed of in telling us just
that. But please, DO TELL US. 

And then there is the issue of funding. I remember a very similar discussion
on this BB, which led to the welcome creation of the AO51 "thermometer".
How is it possible - I ask myself - that the community is asked to contribute
to what is likely to be an extremely costly project without knowing a thing
about its budget and current status of funding? What are we contributing
to? What are the shortcomings? Please make the community understand - in
detail - in what ways funding is critical. Do create a direct link between
somebody's desire to have a big bird up in the sky and his/her wallet.

Keep up the fantastic job, AMSAT-DL (and non-DL contributors...), but please

Thanks for reading and 73,

Piero HB9DSU

*** Music, ham radio and more - http://www.qsl.net/hb9dsu ***
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