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Re: software rig- & rotor-control questions

Thanks to a number of you for the helpful comments on
software & rotor control!  I learned a number of things in
the process.

To summarize the SatPC32 part of the question, Tom N0NTX
pointed me to the SDX subdirectory of SatPC32, which gave
instructions and files for GS-232 control, which I did get to
work.  Then Erich DK1TB told me about the newest version,
12.4, which has vastly improved the rotor control stuff,
and it was easy to get it up and working in that version.

Thanks again to all for the assistance!

73, Dave N0RQ

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  From: Dave NRQ
  Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2005 14:16
  Subject: software rig- & rotor-control questions

  Now my next question, related to software.  I have download
  current versions of Nova and SatPC32, both yet unregistered,
  but both working.  I'm trying to decide which one to use and register.

  Nova seems the most popular, and has prettier display, but
  as far as I can tell, it won't do rig control to manage Doppler
  shift (for a Yaesu FT-736R).  SatPC32, though is running the
  CAT on the 736 just fine -- nice to see the freq adjust

  However, for rotor control (Yaesu G-5500 with GS-232B interface),
  Nova is working (on a normal serial port), but I cannot get SatPC32
  to do anything to the rotor.  It seems to require a printer port, which
  I tried, but nothing goes.  If somone that runs SatPC32 to a GS-232
  has some settings suggestions, that would be great.  If SatPC32
  will control the rotor via a standard serial port, that would be even
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