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SSB SP-7000 Question


I was looking in the electronics lab in the college today and I found  
a SP-2000 & SP-7000 Pre-amplifier, and a DCW-15B sequencer (in  
original packing).  They have never been used and are belong to the  
club in the college. I was going to attempt to use it with my FT-847  
for UHF receive (if it works I will purchase one).  My question is  
can transmitting through it on 144Mhz damage it?  Its not clear from  
the manual that I found on-line.  I suspect not, but I would like to  
be sure.

de John
John Ronan <jronan@tssg.org>, +353-51-302938
Telecommunications Software &  Systems Group,  http://www.tssg.org
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