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RE: software rig- & rotor-control questions

Hi Dave,

I use SatPC32 for rotator and Doppler frequency control. The rotator and
the radio are each on their own serial port of my computer. I'm using
W0LMD's SatTracker Jr. interface to my rotator. Perhaps someone on the
BB using the GS-232B can help you get it interfaced. If no one responds,
drop me an email and I'll try and help you out.

Automatic Doppler correction works great and is definitely valuable.
Particularly when both stations are using it. I've had many AOS to LOS
QSO's on FO-29 and VO-52 without having to touch the tuning dial. One of
the features of SatPC32 that I really appreciate is the ability to "fine
tune" the Doppler frequency correction using the computer keyboard
during the QSO. Sometimes it's perfect and you don't need to adjust it
and others times a tweak now and then keeps your audio sounding natural.

Another useful feature in SatPC32 is the ability to quickly cycle (mouse
click) through the programmed tones for SO-50 without touching the
radio; 74Hz to turn on the transponder and then 67 Hz for access.

I find SatPC32's footprint direction arrows useful too. I could go on
but you get the idea. SatPC32 is in my opinion a very mature and
functional program. 

About the only thing SatPC32 doesn't do is let me select a second radio
for Doppler frequency control from within SatPC32 itself. My setup
consists of a TS-2000x and an ICOM R7000 receiver. Both radios are
computer controllable. I like to use the R7000 when working AO-27 and
SO-50 to bypass the TS-2000's big ugly wart of a birdie on 436.795MHz
and also when using a 2.4GHz downconverter to work AO-51 in V/S mode and
hopefully (fingers crossed) for SSETI Express, P3E, and EAGLE. So far I
haven't figured out a way to get my R7000 receiver to transmit a signal
into my downconverter and blow it up but the day's not over yet ;-) I'm
pretty sure that the WISP DDE client supports multiple radios so I'll
have to take a look at that. If I can get SatPC32's DDE server to talk
to the WISP DDE client then the problem will be solved! It should be
easy. Just need to get a round tuit.

I started with Nova (actually QuikTrak and a few Mac programs way back
when...) and then moved to SatPC32. I haven't found a reason to switch
back. One reason I moved away from Nova is that the NOVA on screen
AOStime prediction display doesn't work correctly. I confirmed with the
program author 5 or 6 months ago that it is in fact a bug but there
hasn't been a fix so far. Not a big deal, the Listing function under the
NOVA Utilities menu gives accurate predictions but it's an extra step.
SatPC32's main display AOStime does work correctly.

The icing on the cake is that Erich Eichmann DK1TB has generously
donated all of the proceeds from the SatPC32 license sales to AMSAT.
Thank you Erich!

73 and see you on the birds,
Steve, WI2W
Amsat #19905

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Thanks to several of you for giving me some good ideas
on my horizontal boom question -- I'm exploring options.
(And I didn't mean to start a metalic vs. non-metalic war! :-)

Now my next question, related to software.  I have download current
versions of Nova and SatPC32, both yet unregistered, but both working.
I'm trying to decide which one to use and register.

Nova seems the most popular, and has prettier display, but
as far as I can tell, it won't do rig control to manage Doppler shift
(for a Yaesu FT-736R).  SatPC32, though is running the CAT on the 736
just fine -- nice to see the freq adjust automagically!

However, for rotor control (Yaesu G-5500 with GS-232B interface), Nova
is working (on a normal serial port), but I cannot get SatPC32 to do
anything to the rotor.  It seems to require a printer port, which I
tried, but nothing goes.  If somone that runs SatPC32 to a GS-232 has
some settings suggestions, that would be great.  If SatPC32 will control
the rotor via a standard serial port, that would be even better.

Or maybe I'm overestimating the value of automatic Doppler
correction...?  I'm trying to make it as easy to run as possible, so my
two Technician children can get on without it being overly complicated.

Thanks again for patience and advice!

- Dave N0RQ
AMSAT #35947
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