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Re: software rig- & rotor-control questions

At 06:21 PM 10/13/2005 -0500, George Henry wrote:

>Pretty displays are highly overrated....  I'll take compact, fast, and 
>"does everything I need without wasting HD space or processor power on 
>frills & pretty graphics" any day!
>but also still use InstantTrack for Field Day & other portable ops- can't 
>get any more compact, fast, and all the rest than IT! (It''ll run on 
>ANYTHING, even an original IBM PC with only 512K RAM, monochrome display 
>and a single floppy!)  Can't help you with the GS-232, though...  I use an 
>FOD-Track interface.

Hi Dave and George,

Here is a GS-232 driver for InstantTrack:


I agree with you about InstantTrack George. I have run it on
just about everything from a 20 MHz laptop up to a 2.4GHz WinXP
machine and it always runs great.

Tony AA2TX
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