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TS-2000 436.795 Birdie Fix ??

An interesting thing just happened during this pass of SO-50.  I
normally have to use a different rig for the 436.795 downlink due to
the birdie with the TS-2000.  The birdie was there, as normal, and I
disconnected the 440 coax to switch to a different radio (don't have a
switch in line right now).  After I disconnected, I inadvertently
touched the back of the TS-2000 with the disconnected coax and the
audio went completely silent.  I immediately smacked myself in the
head and said, "You big dummy, you just blew something! You should
have turned the radio off!!"  I went ahead and reconnected the coax to
the TS-2000, turned off the radio, took a deep breath, and powered it
back on.  To my surprise, what comes back, but crystal clear audio
from SO-50 with NO BIRDIE!  I worked a station with no problem and
just to see if this would last, I power cycled the TS-2000 again and
the birdie is back.

I have been unable to duplicate this.  Anybody have an idea what might
have happened?  There must have been a static discharge or something
that happened.  There doesn't appear to be any damage to the radio,
but it looks like I may have stumbled upon a way to get around the
435.795 birdie if I could only just duplicate what happened!!!

Any ideas?

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
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