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Re: Grad Student needs help - In search of amateur satellite history...

Hi Cliff,

I was 9 years old!

My family had what we called a "radiogram" - a big wooden piece of furniture 
that housed a radio LW, MW and a selection of short wavebands and a 
gramophone deck - probably 78rpm only but my memory is not 100%

AM only of course but I managed to convince myself that I heard the signals 
from Sputnik 1 - whether or not I actually did does not matter - I was 

A long time ago...



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> Graham Shirville wrote:
>> Hi Roger,
>> The wonderful work done by the late Larry Kayser, VA3LK on Nicads is here 
>> http://polysat.calpoly.edu/documents_cp1/power/nicad_hypothesis.pdf
>> 73
>> Graham
>> G3VZV - Turned on by Sputnik 1 in 1957 and also still having 
>> fun.............
> Graham, many thanks for including this reference from the CUBESAT
> project as this is exactly why the website was created.  Larry Kayser
> was a good friend and we will miss him badly.
>      Interesting your comment about Sputnik 1.  I remember teaching
> a physics class Oct 6 1957 when the launch was announced.  The signal
> was in the guard band of WWV approximately 20.003 MHz and easily heard.
> Cliff K7RR  LM 1606 
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