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Re: New South African Satellite

On 10/10/05, VEFRH@aol.com <VEFRH@aol.com> wrote:
> The cost of any form of High Earth orbit is very high due to Launch costs
> and extra costs in building the satellite.
> Generally the " launched cost" can range from 3 times to over 10 times the
> cost of a LEO.

I was thinking in terms of how the African amateur radio community
could best be served and with the size of the African continent there
would be times that stations in certain locations would have a
difficult time reaching the outside world with the range of a LEO
satellite.  If the primary user of the satellite is commercial then
they will most likely decide the orbit themselves and the point is
moot.  Short of being able to maximize satellite range by increasing
the altitude of the satellite, perhaps a type of store and forward
message system would allow a message from any part of the African
continent be sent and then received by any station in the world within
a days time.  Has a DVR mailbox ever been used or considered on a

As far as mode is concerned, I agree with Fabio.  A mode K satellite
would allow a lot of people who don't have traditional satellite gear
to take advantage of a satellite.  Although many already have HF
equipment, with that they have access to bands where the propagation
should allow them to get out as necessary.  Plus, for those who have
no equipment whatsoever, a complete HF setup is typically more
expensive than say a setup capable of working one of the FM easysats. 
A DVR system would be easier to incorporate into an FM satellite,
where it could be accessed by DTMF.  Perhaps a standard crossband
voice repeater, then a separate crossband frequency set could be used
solely for the DVR system.  Sorry I'm just thinking out loud here! :)

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