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Re: satellite propulsion thrust equations

Hi David!
I read your idea and found it:

1. an interesting idea
2. very well written
3. a challenge (the propulsion question).

So here we are: go to


and download the excel sheet. I started from the following boundary

starting orbit circular (no GTO.. this complicates things).. something a
russian launcher can deliver (if the staging works well :( )

Target orbit circular.. transfer orbit Hohmann type, so you have two
burns: one to change the low orbit into an elliptical with apogee at the
height of the high orbit and a second burn to circularize. This is the
theoretically most efficient transfer.

The input fields are in blue (start height, target height, Isp, dry
mass, fueled mass) and the results (required delta_V, achievable
delta_v) are in red. I filled in some values from David's website
including the Isp for the bi-propellant enging and a 50/50 partitioning
of fuel and dry mass for a 20 kg launch mass. It is just possible..

Please play around and report errors.. I do not take responsibility for
any wrong mission planning :)

73s Achim, DH2VA/HB9DUN

PS: to David, I certainly enjoyed the Surrey colloquium.. see you next year!
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