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The EAGLE satellite

Over the past weekend I was privileged to attend the second EAGLE planning 

First - the EAGLE project is very much alive and progressing quite well. 
Granted, I had some concerns going into the meetings, but these were quickly 
put to rest.  The project has excellent leadership, excellent technical 
expertise, a great deal of actual satellite experience and a wonderful 'get 
it done' attitude from all the teams.

The open design and development concept for EAGLE should be quite 
informative to those of us outside the design team.  We will have a great 
opportunity to learn more about what goes into making the decisions about 
the spacecraft, its orbit and its operational modes.  In addition, we all 
now assume the responsibility to make this the best thought out, documented 
and tested amateur satellite ever.

So, following in the age old AMSAT tradition of volunteering to fill a need, 
I have volunteered to help communicate what is going on with the EAGLE 
project. This a short introduction to many updates coming over the next 
months and years as the AMSAT-NA EAGLE satellite project matures into an 
orbiting satellite.  I am planning on releasing a report at least once a 
month and more often when important information becomes available.  This 
report will be available through the AMSAT BB and on the EAGLE website.

There already is so much to write about that I am going to have to break it 
down into different areas on each report, because I won't have time to write 
about all the areas in each report. There are many separate, parallel 
efforts going on during this early stage.  As these separate projects 
mature, the integration and coordination of these modules into the EAGLE 
satellite should prove to be a fascinating journey.

One of the items discussed was the 2006 EAGLE budget.  As you can see from 
the EAGLE project thermometer on the AMSAT EAGLE site, $33k won't go very 
far.  It is time to start purchasing items for development and EAGLE needs 
your support both as a volunteer and as a donor.  You can do both of these 
on the AMSAT web site.

I am interested in some people to help me take the raw technical information 
provided by the project teams and put this into a more digestible format. 
Let me know if you are interested.

Expect my first report before too long.

Gould, WA4SXM 
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