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Grad Student needs help - In search of amateur satellite history...

Dave wrote me about early mobile and portable use of OSCAR 
satellites, and quite frankly that was a bit before my time.  I'm 
sure there are some folks on the reflector who may have some comments 
that might help Dave out.



>From: Dave hartzell <hartzell@gmail.com>
>To: w0eec@amsat.org
>Subject: In search of amateur satellite history...
>Hello Emily,
>We've never met, but I'm a graduate student doing some research into 
>satellite telecommunications. I'm also a licenced ham, just getting 
>back into the field.  It appears you have done great work helping to 
>organize and promote Amsat!
>One reason why I'm writing is that I am looking for documented proof 
>of early mobile or portable use of amateur satellite communication, 
>possibly even as far back as OSCAR 3.  I am trying to put Amsat and 
>OSCAR achievements into the perspective of the commercial 
>telecommunications industry.  I hope to submit the paper for 
>publication in a space history journal.
>Here is my thesis:  It is my belief that amateur radio operators 
>beat governments and commercial organizations (military, NASA, 
>Intelsat, INMARSAT) by doing the first mobile (car, truck, camping, 
>etc.)  satellite communications. Its already clear that amateurs 
>beat INMARSAT, Iridium and GlobalStar to the punch in the portable 
>hand-held arena, but I'd like to go back farther.
>Do you know of any documents or QST articles discussing this?  If I 
>recall correctly, Project OSCAR is based out of the Bay Area here, 
>and a few of the original pioneers might still be around.
>I live in the Bay Area...I missed your talk at the NASA Ames Amateur 
>Radio club a few weeks ago (I'm an employee there).  I do plan on 
>attending Pacificon next week, perhaps you would have time to chat 
>if you're attending?
>Thanks much and 73's,
>Dave, N0TGD
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