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RE: Satellite ranging

At 06:50 AM 10/10/2005 +1000, Andrew Rich wrote:

>So if I do this on our local voice repeater which is 40 kms away,
>So the round trip should be 266 us roughly. (delay due to gear ?)
>Sound right ?
>Can I do this with a 100 meter roll of hook up wire ?

Hi Andy,

You can certainly measure the delay to and from the repeater
and your round trip delay is correct but as you noted,
you would need to add in the delay introduced by the repeater

A 100m roll of hook-up wire looks like a big inductor so
your results may not be very meaningful. However, you can
easily do the experiment with a 100m roll of coax or
CAT 5 cable if you have some laying around.

Have fun!
Tony AA2TX
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