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IRS 990 2004 (AMSAT)

Just checking the 2004 IRS-990 AMSAT tax report and i note a general improvement in the securities portfolio and an 
increased in the Gifts, grants, and contributions received. But a major point of concern the membership decreased.

Year     Membership fees received
2003    103,324.
2002    106,812.
2001    108,546.
2000    123,146.

A 4% average decrease per year since 2000

I also note in the  AMSAT ANS-282.02 AMSAT President's Letter some encouraging statements:

"The P3E project is a very exciting one that holds great promise for the
return of AMSAT to the benefits of high earth orbit satellites.  This
project is being led by AMSAT-DL, as have all the HEO satellite projects.
AMSAT in North America is contributing substantial manpower and funding to
P3E and is committed to the success of the project and to our close
relationship with our good friends and colleagues in AMSAT-DL. I am
personally a member of AMSAT, AMSAT-DL and AMSAT-UK."

"This coming year will be one of improved communication. There will be an
effort to expand our communications beyond the official outlets, the
Journal and AMSAT News Service. You will see more reports on the AMSAT-BB
message board and we will improve the content and timeliness of the
information on the AMSAT Web site, especially on the Eagle pages."

"AMSAT is an exciting and vibrant organization with a great deal to offer
our members.  No organization is perfect but we have a fabulous Mission
and Vision and we are performing to those promises"

As i already wrote in the past HEO and international cooperation is the way to go, remain to have a "satellite construction 
fee" included in our membership fee. A logical course of action if we want to have birds in space. If we all pay i pay could 
be we can get rid of the president club with the adjoining insulting remarks I quote " Read the Latest Journal about the 
President's Club   .... But don't grumble unless you are an active subscribing member of the President's club. Satellites do 
not grow on trees." A relic from an obscure and tenuous past...

Could be condemning about this statement from the BOD will be appropriate here? This will at least confirm the rupture from 
the past!

Where is life there is hope.


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
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