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EchoLink Conference Last Night

Just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the AMSAT Annual
Meeting via Echolink Conference last night. The audio was generally
excellent - there was no detected packet loss here. Occasionally,
someone would speak without being in close proximity to the microphone
but in general, the audio was very easy copy.

I counted as many as 34 people from six different countries connected
to the conference. They had set it up for one-way audio only (from the
meeting) but the officers did field a lot of questions from those of
us who typed queries in the Echolink chat box.

This was a very impressive demonstration of the kind of collaboration
tools that are available these days, and I'd say that Echolink scaled
very nicely with such a large crowd of connected stations.

I hope that this is just the first of many such group conferences as I
think on most every level it was a roaring success. Kudos to those who
set it all up.

Jeff, KE9V
AMSAT-NA #28350
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