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RE: QRM also in the AO51 uplink

>From: David <at746@wanadoo.es>
>QRMing the AO51 is even a worse and unlucky situation because as you know, 
>to be repeated by the ECHO AO51, you have to transmit with a 67.0 Hz tone. 
>กกกก Unlucky us that they have choose 145920 for their local chats but more 
>unlucky they have choosen the 67 tone !!!!

We should be glad they chose 67 Hz below at least we know they exist. If 
they didn't use that tone they would still block the satellite input making 
it unusable for Amateurs but no one whould know why they couldn't get into 
the satellite.

The big drawback to using CTCSS tones on satellites is that you don't have 
any means of identifying sources of interference. sats using straight 
forward carrier access allow you to identify the country where the problem 

73 Trevor M5AKA
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