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QRM also in the AO51 uplink

Hi all.

Following the complain of OZ1MY I would like to inform that during the last night passes of AO51 over our area, we are copying strong QRM, and after to listen carefully our recordings, we are quiet sure that they are pirates taxi drivers. Because the way of talking, could be from somewhere in the Canary Islands.

QRMing the AO51 is even a worse and unlucky situation because as you know, to be repeated by the ECHO AO51, you have to transmit with a 67.0 Hz tone. ¡¡¡¡ Unlucky us that they have choose 145920 for their local chats but more unlucky they have choosen the 67 tone !!!!

If someone from EA8 listen them and have the chance to confirm this or even to convice them to QSY, we will be also gratefull.

Best 73 de David EB4DEH

OZ1MY said...

Hi someone in Spain,
Today and yesterday there was a lot of QRM on
the AO-27 uplink.
I think it is from Spain - but not completely sure.
Would be very nice if someone could identify the
stations and get them to move to another frequency  :-) 
They were on for the whole pass with very strong signals.
Thanks in advance.
73 OZ1MY
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