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Re: Wohoo! :) (Was Mobile/Portable Satellite Operations).

> Mark:
> Thanks for the contact on, I believe, Tuesday. It is a testament to how rare VO1
> stations are on the 'easy sats' that one operator kept asking you what your
> 'normal' prefix was! Like you, I've found that being on East coast of N. A. has
> its advantages in satellite operations.
> Do you have any plans for a base station in order to work the SSB LEOS? I'm
> slowly building that capacity, adding transverters and preamps as I can find
> them on ebay or build them from kit.
> 73, VE9QRP
> Bruce

Hi Bruce,

I was suprised to hear you call me on the sat at that time.  I think
you're my first VE9 on the sats hihi!  You caught me just before my
LOS so I was expecting further west stations to come in as they
entered the footprint.  I would have expected you much earlier in the
pass, but glad to have worked you.

Yes, being this far east does have its advantages.  I've been running
some 2 observer pass predictions in Nova and it looks like I could
work Moscow on a few mutual 3 degree passes.  That would be a nice
contact for a LEO!

I'm certainly interested in working SSB LEOS as well as utilizing mode
S downlinks, but I don't think I can afford the equipment being a poor
university student hi hi.  I'd get transverters but I only have an
IC-706 for HF (the original one so no 70cm) so I couldn't do anything
full duplex without getting another receiver.  I've been wishing on
eBay every now and then for a FT-290 and a FT-790 to make a lovely
portable SSB setup, but I think it will stay just that; wishing, at
least for now.

I don't want to get everyones hopes up for nothing, but I might be
able to make it over to St. Pierre (FP5 prefix, grid GN16) and make
some contacts.  It's only a 3 hour drive and we've got some friends
staying over there doing the French immersion program, but my fiancee
is quite sick so I don't know if we'll be able to go.

As for the station asking about my 'normal' prefix, I didn't hear him
because I hit LOS very soon after working you, but perhaps I worked
him last month when I was using the special Terry Fox prefix of XN1,
so he could have thought that was my normal prefix.  I get a lot of
stations on the birds and HF who come back with my call as a VE1 which
isn't quite as rare.  I looked it up one day, I think there's only
1200 hams in VO1 land here so not a whole lot.  I'll have to bring my
portable FM LEO setup to the next club meeting.  Maybe I can convince
a few other hams to get on the birds, too.

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