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Re: Mobile/Portable Satellite Operations

I remember when I first found a simplex linked repeater in Austin  
that got me into Abilene and a bunch of other places.  Very  
interesting feeling to be able to stand outside in the parking lot  
where I worked and chat with folks all over the state.  That was some  
time before IRLP really got going though, nowadays most of our  
machines have IRLP feeds and it's not quite as interesting as it used  
to be .. although IRLP has a lot of very useful features to it that  
statically linked repeater systems don't even approach ..

Wholeheartedly agreed that the fun most of the time isn't the  
reliability, it's the freedom to play with the technology and really  
get the full use out of it.  Most people using cellphones don't have  
the opportunity to even scratch the surface of what the wireless  
network is truly capable of, whereas most hams exploit just about  
every possible capability of their equipment on a regular basis .. we  
get a lot done with even relatively primitive hardware, and our  
advantage is that we tend to have a much more complete understanding  
of what we're doing and how it works.  To me, there's a real value in  
that.  ;-)

On Oct 4, 2005, at 5:36 PM, Tony Langdon (ATC) wrote:

> Agreed.  Well, the "Virtual Pub" wouldn't work on a cellphone.  We  
> used to
> even have the "500 Mile High Club" some Friday nights, which was  
> when we'd
> move en-masse from IRLP to the next FM bird that was making a pass  
> and have
> a go at working it.  After the pass, we'd fall back to IRLP.
> Obviously, getting through wasn't the important thing (we already had
> reliable comms), but it was the thrill of the chase of working the  
> bird. :-)
> Mind you, IRLP on its own is rather neat too.  I'd like to try an  
> experiment
> with that through a sat link when I get Doppler compensation and a  
> HEO to
> aim for... :-)
> That's my other interest... tinkering with different ways to tie  
> different
> radios together. :-)

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