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RE: Mobile/Portable Satellite Operations

> The one thing you will never get with the cellphone (at least 
> without  
> paying an arm and a leg for it) is the "social" aspect of getting on  
> the radio and calling "QRZ?"  It's also very hard to have nets via  
> cellphone .. the protocol is designed for point to point, and 
> it just  
> doesn't adapt well to nets or CQ-style calls.

You could get a phone with PTT - and have up to 5 people in your "net"...
> Cellphone just doesn't match the excitement of meeting 
> someone on the  
> air hundreds of miles away on a barefoot HT.  I know plenty 
> of people  
> in Houston I can call on a cell from Austin, it's not that  
> interesting.  When I can talk to someone in Tomball on 440 who's  
> making it into an Austin repeater via ducting from his car, that's  
> something special.  When I can get onto IRLP from the same machine  
> using my DTMF pad and talk to someone in England, that's even more  
> so.  And let's not forget late night BS nets and ice cream runs on 2  
> meters.  Try those with a cellphone .. heh.

Agreed.  Well, the "Virtual Pub" wouldn't work on a cellphone.  We used to
even have the "500 Mile High Club" some Friday nights, which was when we'd
move en-masse from IRLP to the next FM bird that was making a pass and have
a go at working it.  After the pass, we'd fall back to IRLP.

Obviously, getting through wasn't the important thing (we already had
reliable comms), but it was the thrill of the chase of working the bird. :-)

Mind you, IRLP on its own is rather neat too.  I'd like to try an experiment
with that through a sat link when I get Doppler compensation and a HEO to
aim for... :-)

That's my other interest... tinkering with different ways to tie different
radios together. :-)
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