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RE: Mobile/Portable Satellite Operations

> Since this "Apathy" thread wont die, I changed my
> subject line... here is my 2 cents:
> Mobile/Portable Satellite Operations.
> If a given satellite or satellite idea cannot support 
> mobile or portable satellite operations, I'm simply 
> not interested.  These days, with megabytes of
> bandwidths available in our shack, I think the real
> value added to ham radio is satellites that can be
> used in the field and in our mobiles.

My main interest is remote area coverage - both mobile/portable and fixed.
I already have systems which can give me reliable coverage from a HT to many
major populated areas around the world.  What I lack is reliable
communications to places like the Outback or other remote areas around the
world where broadband isn't available and VHF/UHF terreatrial systems would
be lucky to hit one ham (resident or otherwise!).
> Three  reasons:
> 1) Thats the only place where many of us can play 
>      HAM radio anymore (2 hours a day)...
> 2) Thats where we can serve in disasters
> 3) Most of us do not have the internet there...
> In saying this is my focus, I do not in anyway
> discredit others and their interests.  HAM radio is
> diverse.  My approach is to push in the areas 
> where I am focused and where I can contribute,
> but not stand in the way of others and their
> interests.  But in my mind, MOBILE Satellite should 
> be our focus.

One caveat.  My preference is voice.  Sure, data works, but it's not the
same, and while mobile, it's a lot harder to have live QSOs.  Integrated
voice/data?  Now that would be something.
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