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RE: Apathy

> I can see that would be challenging.  I have done Leo 
> tracking with an arrow but using a dual-band radio which 
> simplifies the tuning issue somewhat.  Using headphones and 
> mic OK but a headset with boom mic is even better.  I hear of 
> many using a voice recorder to log calls so that eliminates 
> the pen and paper.  All one really needs is AOS and LOs Times 

I have done the LEOs with 2 HTs and a dual band antenna.  Only tricky bit is
logging, but that can be done with patience.  Basically, I'f hang the Rx off
a wrist strap and hole the Tx in one hand and the antenna in the other.
Worked extremely well until my uplink radio died (actually, the battery pack
suffered terminal mechanical failure - the plastic rails fell apart).  I
have used similar techniques on Mode A SSB as well with some success.

These days, I'd like to try a HEO.  Getting antennas up wouldn't be a
problem - I could stick a mast up in the back yard with an "Armstrong" Az/El
rotator and put decent (homebrew!) antennas on it.  Only catch is getting
enough VHF/UHF SSB gear, but that can be solved in time.  It won't be
anything expensive, this is going to be a low budget setup...  Eventually, I
can add capabilities for the higher bands.

Down here, LEOs are fun, and you can even sometimes have a ragchew on them
(leave long breaks!), due to the extremely low traffic density, but the down
side is that all I've ever heard on them is VK (oops, there goes half the
footprint), ZL P29 and the rare 3D2.  I leave AO-51 programmed in the mobile
rig so I can hear it if I happen to be on the road during a pass.  Have been
known to come up on the spur of the moment while mobile. :)

> for a pass and respective azimuths, plus the highest 
> elevation angle.  This is close enough to find the satellite 
> when manually tracking.  The issue of one-channel FM QRM I 
> cannot fix; that is the nature of the FM Leo's. Regarding 
> operating on AO-51 or other FM Leo's it does take some 
> practise to get the hang of working them efficiently...not 
> impossible, a challenge one can handle...more fun when you 
> accomplish it. 

I have a good fix...  Put a planet between yourself and 99% of the potential
QRM... ;-)  Mind you, SO-35 used to get a bit insane at times, but that was
fun.  I still have recordings of the SO-35 pileups on my web site at
http://vkradio.com/sat.html .  Mode J never generated that kind of that
activity down here.
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