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RE: Apathy?

> I just have to keep an eye on Tony on the IRLP mailing lists! 
>  Hahaha.. 
> Just kidding Tony!

Just here to keep you on your toes! ;)

> I got to hear my first AO-51 pass via the demonstration that 
> W0LMD was 
> doing with a couple of handhelds and a downconverter at the Boulder 
> Amateur Radio Club hamfest last weekend in Longmont, CO. 
> Was fascinating -- with it in S-band mode his little tiny 
> homebrew yagi 
> was cool.  The pass was high enough that the other ham 
> holding an HT was 
> working the bird fine... heard K7MT in Montana around that time 
> Saturday.  Cool.  (Hope I remembered that call right...)

Doesn't take much to get into AO-51.  I haven't tried S band yet - not for
lack of wanting to.  Just too many things to do.  Must fire up one of the
downconverters and give it a whirl.  It will be interesting to see how it
goes, as I've discovered I'm in a very high density area for wireless LANs
(with 3 schools nearby).

> And that is the "ham" stuff... need to paint the house, finish 
> winterizing the lawn and various things, get the snowblower running 
> that's not working at the moment... all the usual business of life.

Well, summer's coming - grass needs cutting, cleaning needs to be done.. :-)
And snow?  Nah, we don't get that stuff in town. ;) 
> And through it all, I keep wondering how my Elmer always 
> seemed to have 
> time for me -- I'd show up at his house as a kid and he'd take hours 
> explaining what he was doing and/or teaching on his 
> whiteboard... many 
> many days.  I have no idea how he had the time.

Guess life was simpler back then. :) Hmm, maybe we need to have an Elmer
Appreciation Day for all the time these good guys put into the hobby? :-)
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