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RE: 435Mhz

> For the last 2 days, following the first AO-51 pass on Sat. 
> morning, there has been overwhelming crud all over the 70cm. 
> band here.  There are bursts of man-made noise on many freqs. 
> as well as a two tone (high then low) pattern, also on 
> several freqs.  Once in a while, it's possible to hear a few 
> clear syllables of voice, but not ham voice.  It's impossible 
> to copy anything on the birds.  Has anyone else experienced 
> this?  What in the world could it be?  (I have only HTs, but 
> it's the same on both of them.)

Are you in a major city, by any chance?  If so, it could be intermods, and
the easiest solutions are to go portable out of town or use a mobile or base
radio, as they tend to have better resistance to intermods.

As the satellite band is at 435 MHz, building a bandpass filter might also
be worth a try.
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