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Re: Apathy

At 11:17 AM 10/3/2005 -0400, Phil Paulhus wrote:
>Hi All,
>My name is Phil Paulhus and the call is K1ICO.  I'm a relatively new on
>amateur satellites, although having been interested in them for some time. My
>station consists of a YAESU FT-847, M2 EB-144 and EB-432 antennas.  I'm using
>Nova for prediction, and W6IHG Radio Tuner for doppler correction.
>What I have in mind is a survey into what equipment and software other hams
>are using, what satellites you have been able to work.  This information
>be useful to hams considering satellite operations. Maybe the survey could
>stimulate a little interest during this slow period.  I'm willing to keep
>track,  collocate and publish the results.
>Just a thought.
>73 Phil  K1ICO


That is a great idea!  Actually, I did a similar article for the 2001
Symposium (specifically looked at equipment for AO-40 and basic station
requirements).  If you can get good participation, document your findings
and submit to Amsat as either an article for next year's Symposium or a
Journal article.  Should be a very interesting read.

Ed - KL7UW 
BP40iq,  Nikiski, AK      http://www.qsl.net/al7eb
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