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Amsat & Turma del Plata Balloon adventure

Amsat & Turma del Plata Balloon adventure

Sunday October 16 2005 at 7 AM (10 AM GMT) this 25 feet impressive balloon
will be launched from Capilla del SeŇor (50 miles NW from Buenos Aires). Will
transmit telemetry with a CW beacon on 2 meters FM at 144.005 Mhz. (See photos
at www.amsat.org.ar )

This is the premiere joint experience between AMSAT Argentina (20 years
organization, owner of LUSAT-1 AO-19) and 'Turma del Plata' (1st and only
argentine organization highly experienced on aerostatic ballons). Both
organizations signed on 2005 a cooperation agreement for joint experiments &
development. Experience is headed toward testing equipment & operation for
future LUSAC satellite of Amsat Argentina.

This hot air balloon is the result of continuous development and multiple
launches made by 'Turma del Plata' headed by an enthusiastic group of highly
skilled experimenters worldwide known by their activity on balloons.

Balloon will emit CW at 10 WPM every 30 seconds, providing sequence number,
temperature, battery voltage, LU7AA AMSAT callsign, Turma del Plata amateurs
callsign, and text explaining this event. (Hear planned transmission here ).

Any 2 meters handy will allow listen to balloon on a radius of at least 150
miles during the 2 hours estimated flight. Received CW on 144.005 Mhz will
allow track balloon position and trajectory thru triangulation.  A net will be
set up on 7.145 Khz (40 meters) and 146.715 (-600 Khz, LU1EQ Escobar Radio
Club repeater). Anybody can join the safari launch team, being at Capilla del
SeŇor municipal camping from 6 AM local time. Team will have a previous get
together at 5 AM on Marquez Ave. and Pan-American highways cross, radio linked
via LU1EQ FM repeater.

This launch is extremely depending on weather conditions, winds, etc, given
balloon is made of china paper. In the event conditions are not favorable,
flight will be reprogrammed (informing with available anticipation) for next
Sunday at same place and time.

More information, circuits and details on www.amsat.org.ar and www.tdplata.com
where all received balloon reports will be acknowledged with a Certificate for
every participant and a CD + Satellite and ballons books to the reporter that
send more telemetry either on texts or audio file to globo@amsat.org.ar

Thank you for joining ! and being part of the future.

73, Amsat Argentina & Turma del Plata

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