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Re: Apathy

George Henry wrote:

So the six million dollar question is, how much have you, personally,
contributed toward the construction and launch of Eagle?

Wayne W9AE replies:

My answer is $500 during the initial Eagle fund drive.  Immediately 
afterwards the project was put on hold to pay for Echo (AO-51) which 
wasn't even proposed/announced to the general membership until after the 
money was committed to SpaceQuest.  Members justifiably get extremely 
frustrated when we are asked to donate to a project that we want, while 
the leadership simultaneously/secretly spends all the reserves on a 
different project that we didn't want...or at least didn't know about or 
get a chance to comment about.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA
AMSAT member and donor to P3D, Eagle, Echo, P3E, and Presidents Club
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