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Re: Apathy

Tyler Harpster wrote:

> Bruce,
> I'm not sure if there's any particular reason I let my membership 
> slip.   I wasn't  "disenfranchised" or anything like that.  I guess 
> I'm what you'd call a  "high maintenance" member.  I will listen to 
> whatever satellite my current radios will tune to if it involves 
> listening to them in my car on the way to work.  If a satellite 
> requires me to do extra work, I have to be highly motivated,  highly 
> funded, or on vacation to think about getting on it.  I have 2 
> harmonics orbiting around me putting out lots of QRM that put my 
> operating time at a premium.


Thanks for your frank and open answers to my question.  I appreciate the 
time you spent in drafting a reply.  Many of us can relate to what you 
wrote--and I'm once again finding some peace now that my harmonics have 
been greatly attenuated by the age factor--things do grow a bit more 
quiet with time :)

> For me to think about a new bird, I need a summary sheet for it that 
> shows me the basics of what I need to get onto it.  Frequencies, 
> modes, orbits, and whatever other basic info I need to operate on it 
> would be a plus.  No, I'm not lazy.  I just don't have the time to do 
> tons of research on what I need to get onto a bird.  I almost need 
> that info spoon-fed to me because of my time constraints.

Great input! 

> Ok...  I just hit the amsat site and renewed my membership!   I have 
> to say, I like the new amsat site design.

As just a lowly, but concerned, member of AMSAT, thank you for your 
renewal.   And kudos to Emily and her crew who have taken AMSAT's 
presence on the web into the 21st century. 

Again Tyler, thank you for answering my question and going public with 
your 'why'.  To me membership retention is even more important than new 
member recruitment--loyalty and support comes over time--and we really 
need to ask 'why' when people choose to leave the organization.

Be well!

Regards -- Bruce, WB9ANQ

Bruce Rahn

Wisdom has two parts:
1.  having a lot to say; and
2.  not saying it!
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