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Re: Apathy?

Two big reasons I haven't been on since before Aug 1:

1.  Moved to new home QTH in EM90, Jacksonville, FL.  I'm surrounded by 70' 
pines on all sides with at least a 60deg horizon.  Until I find a portable QTH 
within short distance of home I probably won't be back QRV anytime soon.

2.  Frenzied, last-minute preparations since Aug 1 for and then the 
subsequent arrival of my first child, a son, last Friday evening, Sep 23.  All of the 
daddy stuff is taking precedence.  I haven't even been on HF to any extent in 

To a lesser extent I fall into the camp of the ops who think the FM birds are 
a waste of time and resources.  My own hamming time and resources, even when 
I had more to go around, was still limited and standing around out in my 
backyard on Big Pine Key getting eaten alive by mosquitos in the oppressive 
tropical heat just to have my 6W HT and Arrow II beaten out by 100W and X-pol Yagis 
on computer controlled alt-az and FDC is a real downer.

Frankly, I have no idea what my amateur radio future holds right now.  Maybe 
when I'm retired, in 20-30 years, there will be more time to play on the 

It's been said that we can do anything we like; we just can't do everything 
we'd like.

73, All

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