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Re: Apathy


I'm not sure if there's any particular reason I let my membership slip.   I 
wasn't  "disenfranchised" or anything like that.  I guess I'm what you'd 
call a  "high maintenance" member.  I will listen to whatever satellite my 
current radios will tune to if it involves listening to them in my car on 
the way to work.  If a satellite requires me to do extra work, I have to be 
highly motivated,  highly funded, or on vacation to think about getting on 
it.  I have 2 harmonics orbiting around me putting out lots of QRM that put 
my operating time at a premium.

For me to think about a new bird, I need a summary sheet for it that shows 
me the basics of what I need to get onto it.  Frequencies, modes, orbits, 
and whatever other basic info I need to operate on it would be a plus.  No, 
I'm not lazy.  I just don't have the time to do tons of research on what I 
need to get onto a bird.  I almost need that info spoon-fed to me because of 
my time constraints.

Ok...  I just hit the amsat site and renewed my membership!   I have to say, 
I like the new amsat site design.


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> Tyler Harpster wrote:
>> I was a member of Amsat a few years ago, but have since left the 
>> membership slip after AO-40 was lasered by jealous aliens who don't have 
>> ham privileges.
> Hi Tyler,
> I'm just a plain old AMSAT member who is concerned about the high turnover 
> in AMSAT members (i.e. membership retention).  Since you indicated you let 
> your membership lapse, may I ask the specific reason why?
> Thanks!
> Regards -- Bruce, WB9ANQ
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> Bruce Rahn
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