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Re: Apathy

Are there any HEOs "in the works?" If any HEOs are in the works and nobody knows about HEO plans maybe an announcement from time to time should be made. A Plan of Conception for a new HEO should suffice.


For the record, I'm an apartment dweller so can't stand a good satellite system for HEOs. And work and school are overwhelming my time for the next three semesters or so. I could, however, park me car in the parking lot and have a killer portable antenna setup in my garage, though...hmmm.......................prolly scare the heck out of the residents, too!

> AHAH!!!
> Now I've found the thread I've been waiting for from the BB user's about 
> lack of enthusiasm-or apathy.  I have been to numerous Hamfests, 
> meetings and other ham gatherings as the NJ AMSAT Co-ordinator.   I have 
> taken extensive non scientific polls and well over 90% of them inidcate 
> that the satellite activity, or lack thereof, is created by the loss of 
> HEO's-especially VHF-UHF types.(Hams hate to upgrade!??)
> It breaks down as this- 92% HEO analog - 5% HEO or LEO analog - 3% 
> digital sats. Remember, this is not scientific-just my observations by 
> asking questions.
> I have repeatedly sent my findings to the BOD and DO express YOUR views 
> to them. They do honestly listen (and H E A R what you are telling them!)
> I know that many of you have taken a stance that until an "Operational 
> HEO" is in place, you would then think about supporting AMSAT.  That is 
> not the time since NOW is the time when donations are needed to fund the 
> projects to put thes satellites in place.  If  would be users would all 
> join and support AMSAT's efforts NOW, we could get the birds that are 
> asked for.  If you do donate, "indicate what your donation is to be used 
> for!"  Your voices will be heard and efforts redirected to those goals.
> 73,
> Dee, NB2F
> LM2324
> NJ AMSAT Co-ordinator(question answerer??)
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