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Re: Apathy

So the six million dollar question is, how much have you, personally, 
contributed toward the construction and launch of Eagle?  We WON'T ever get 
there, unless it is funded NOW.  Those who keep saying they'll contribute to 
AMSAT once an HEO is up, and those who are contributing only to P3E, are 
actually DELAYING the launch.  Yes, P3E is scheduled to go up sooner, but 
Eagle needs support NOW or it won't even get built, let alone launched! 
Those who aren't funding it have no right to complain about the timeline.

Your tag line says "Pulling for P3E":  how about "pulling" for BOTH 

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> You'll have lots of company, Jerry, and wont that be nice!!
> It was predicted the LEOS would die on the vine, and that they have, and 
> we are fortunate to have Germany shouldering the load......The way Eagle 
> is progressing we may never get there....
>            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
>                    Disagree: I learn....
>               Pulling for P3E...
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