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Re: Apathy

I am just a total novice to satellite operation so if you folks think I'm 
off base in my observations and opinions, feel free to shoot me down. ;-)
 It seems to me that the LEO sats like AO-51 are a good way to generate 
interest in the satellite program. When the average ham finds out he can 
possibly have a two way sat QSO with relatively simple equipment like a dual 
band handheld and Arrow antenna, I'm sure it piques their interest. That's 
what happened to me anyway. As soon as I found that out, I hooked up my dual 
band mobile rig to a 2 meter ground plane and began listening for the 
downlink of AO-51. It's probably old hat for most of you  but I can't 
describe the rush I got when I first heard signals. All I could think about 
was satellites anf how I wanted to do that.
 That being said though, after I did some more listening  and began to 
research things, I realized that AO-51 would be fun but that it would not be 
all that I wanted.
 I wanted a full blown satellite station. After a lot of hard work in 
convincing the XYL and a lot of worrying over which rig to buy, I finally 
got my Kenwood TS-2000X. That might not be full blown to some of you but it 
was the best option for me. I went back and forth also about buying it with 
the 1.2Ghz. module also but in the end I decided  it was best to get the rig 
with it. Now I'm struggling to get an antenna and rotator sytem together. I 
have to sell a lot of my older euipment to finance that. I'm looking forward 
to more HEO's too but as the bands they operate on  get higher and higher in 
frequency, I start to wonder if I'll be able to afford to keep up. I'm on a 
pretty tight radio budget and preamps and moust mount amplifiers, low loss 
line etc. etc. can add up quick.
 Being relatively new and on the outside looking in, I think the main thing 
that turns a lot of people off to sats is the cost of getting operational. 
Is it just me or does it seem like the HEO's are continuing this trend? 
Myself, I'd still like to see some new design linear transponder sat's 
operating on Oscar 7 type modes and such.
 Take this for what it is,  like I say I'm anewcomer and still learing as I 
go but these are my thoughts on the subject.
BTW,  I'm not an AMSAT member yet, but I will be. My 43rd, (uuugh) birthday 
is in October and I'm looking at membership for my B'day present. Thats how 
tight a budget I'm on! :-)
Michael, W4HIJ

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> Jerry Pixton wrote:
>> At 03:36 PM 9/30/2005 -0500, Rick Vidmar  -  K9KK wrote:
>>> NO HEOs
>> Amen to that.
>> After listening to the mess on AO-51 I pulled the switch on my satellite 
>> station some six months ago. Why anyone would waste money on a single 
>> channel FM bird is beyond me.
>> I have moved to a new qth and guess which part of my station was 
>> operational first? Not the satellite part! I do plan for the oscar 
>> antennas to be put up within the next two months. And I will be ready 
>> whenever we get another HEO up there. Plan on getting L band transmit 
>> next summer.
>> And it has always been my observation that activity always slows down in 
>> the summer.
>> Jerry, W6IHG
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> AHAH!!!
> Now I've found the thread I've been waiting for from the BB user's about 
> lack of enthusiasm-or apathy.  I have been to numerous Hamfests, meetings 
> and other ham gatherings as the NJ AMSAT Co-ordinator.   I have taken 
> extensive non scientific polls and well over 90% of them inidcate that the 
> satellite activity, or lack thereof, is created by the loss of 
> HEO's-especially VHF-UHF types.(Hams hate to upgrade!??)
> It breaks down as this- 92% HEO analog - 5% HEO or LEO analog - 3% digital 
> sats. Remember, this is not scientific-just my observations by asking 
> questions.
> I have repeatedly sent my findings to the BOD and DO express YOUR views to 
> them. They do honestly listen (and H E A R what you are telling them!)
> I know that many of you have taken a stance that until an "Operational 
> HEO" is in place, you would then think about supporting AMSAT.  That is 
> not the time since NOW is the time when donations are needed to fund the 
> projects to put thes satellites in place.  If  would be users would all 
> join and support AMSAT's efforts NOW, we could get the birds that are 
> asked for.  If you do donate, "indicate what your donation is to be used 
> for!"  Your voices will be heard and efforts redirected to those goals.
> I will be at the "BARA" hamfest in Westwood, NJ on Oct.8th. If you attend 
> this Hamfest, stop by and discuss YOUR opinion and donate to your favorite 
> area and purchase that new tracking program for "winter operation" on the 
> birds.
> 73,
> Dee, NB2F
> LM2324
> NJ AMSAT Co-ordinator(question answerer??)
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