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Re: PCSAT2 9600 Buad Data Challenge

>>> "Tom D." <g-sixty_three@juno.com> 09/30/05 9:37 PM >>>
>PC2ISS>APRS1,SGATE,WIDE/1 [09/30/05 14:46:47]: <UI>:
>Moved FTSCE data to 435.275 @ 1318z 30 Sep APR
>PC2ISS>APRS1,SGATE,WIDE/1 [09/30/05 21:08:03]: <UI>:
>TLM on A. Restorede B at 1810z on 30 Sep
>hi all, did the ISSTLM 9600 baud data change freq ?

Yes, we are trying it this way to see if we can get
all downlinks on the same freq, and thereby improve
the number of ground stations listening.  Bob, WB4APR
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