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Re: Alaska (Was "Apathy?")

Just returned from a 7-day Royal Caribbean cruise up the Inside Passage to 
Hubbard Glacier, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, and the Misty Fjords......

Gotta tell you, you definitely live in God's country!  I have NEVER seen 
such natural beauty in my life, and I have traveled most of the US and parts 
of Italy, India, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. 
Will definitely visit again sometime soon!  (Still at least 16 years from 

George, KA3HSW

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> Re: convenants (Nate):
> Well come up to Alaska.  No convenants, no zoning, no builiding permits, 
> do
> what you want!  Sorry that the "communists" have taken over the lower-48 
> :-)
> Up here we live-free, and when nature comes a wailing, neighbors help
> neighbors...forget the "gubernate" help agencies!  Actually, we have 
> enough
> people in Alaska so stay down there.  Newcomers just come up here 
> expecting
> everything that they left behind...we don't need that (covenants).  I hear
> that some cities close to Alaska do have them (like Anchorage)...<local 
> joke>
> One reason I will retire here and not move south.
> 73's,
> Ed - KL7UW
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