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Re: Apathy

Apathy--- Not me!

Had a very nice AOS-LOS cw contact on FO-29 last night.
I have been trying to complete the VE2ZAZ 1269 converter project. I'm about 90% 

But I must add this chuckle. Remember AO-40 and the flaming BB messages about 
those nasty BBQ dishes, the noise floor, and L banders...blah blah blah. These 
three budding poets have their writings on my shack wall to read and chuckle. 
VA3BJD summed it all up with this:
Title: BBQ Grill Blues

There it sits in all its splendor
Simply because, I'm not a big spender
What will I do, What will I do 
James and Drew say I can't hear poo!

In rides Jon on a white horse
I hope he doesn't talk in Morse
Jon types and types with all his might
Even against three he puts up a good fight

So here I sit all bummed out in my shack
The deaf BBQ grill sits out back
Now the BB is quiet, the BB is calm
Who will lob the next e-mail bomb?

Oh look at the time AO-40 is in range
The beacon is 10 over, hey Drew that's strange.
I look out back it can't be true
I no longer have the BBQ Grill Blues
Right next to the poems is the Lesotho and Mali QSL cards. Boy, didn't we work 
some great DX!
I also appreciated the Turkey and Isreal QSLs. W9AE really kept us tipped off on 
what was going on and wrote a great DX column in the Journal. Gene AA6NP pretty 
much sums it up.

Title: Firewood for Sale
By: Gene, AA6NP

I looked at the window
and what did I see, 
My chance for Lesotho
was below the trees.
So out came the chain saw
with help from the crew,
Lesotho's in the log, 
and I have a much better view.

The elevation  for 3DAO is even lower. 
I'm getting out the weed whacker next.
Since Grant didn't give it a title, I added my own. He tryed to put a happy face 
on AO-40's loss. 

Title: AO-40, oh how we miss it 
By: Grant Zehr, AA9LC

Now that AO-40 is on sabbatical, there are actually some things to be happy 
about....here are ten for starters...

(Remember this is suppose to be fun)

1. No need to sweep the snow out of the dish...wait for it to melt.
2. Now we can catch up on our sleep! No more 3:00 AM passes.
3. Go ahead and transmit into your downconverter...well maybe not...but if you 
did it wouldn't matter.
4. Who cares about portable phone interference on the downlink?
5. No more worrying about the L-banders sucking off all the power from the 
6. No more worrying about U-banders clogging up the works with their piddly 
grill dishes and poor downlinks
7. Who cares what format the beacon data is in... doesn't matter!
8. Go ahead and run the microwave.... Make some S-band popcorn!
9. So your antenna rotor froze solid and won't turn...doesn't need to turn now!
10. Can't get you polarity right on your patch feed? Who needs polarity anyhow?

Is it spring yet?

Hope you enjoyed.

AMSAT 33589
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