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Re: Apathy?

At 11:38 AM 9/30/2005 -0600, Nate Duehr wrote:
>Jerry Weihrauch wrote:
>> I have lots of time, a nice rig TS-2000, however I can not put up ANY 
>> antennas outside.  Live in a senior building run by the local HRA.  
>> Tried a four element two meter beam though double pane window glass, 
>> just barely hear ISS and once and a great while PCSAT2.  But have 
>> purchased a Kenwood TH-7AG.  I go outside on passes for ISS, and 
>> PCSAT2, and PCSAT.  Have made connection with all three using the 17 
>> inch Comet SM-24 whip and HT placed on the roof of my car.  I will not 
>> install the TS-2000 in my car, it would get ripped off as soon as I 
>> blinked. Soon the snow will fly, and the cold air, won't be out on 
>> days that are freezing and low wind chill temps.
>> Jerry  -  K0HZI   South St Paul, MN
>http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2005/09/23/7/?nc=1 --Amateur Radio 
>Antenna "CC&R Bill" Reintroduced in Congress
>Everyone go write your CongressCritter NOW so Jerry and other good hams 
>don't have these silly restrictions.
>If you don't get involved (there's links to find your representative and 
>a sample letter there -- this isn't hard folks, and we're outnumbered, 
>so EVERY letter counts), you'll be in Jerry's shoes someday... if you 
>live anywhere near any kind of populated area.  This literally takes 5 
>minutes tops if you're in a hurry.  10 minutes if you take the time to 
>re-write the sample letter to include personal comments about how the 
>restrictions hurt Amateur radio in your Congressional representative's 
>The stats for Colorado a few years ago was that in the past 5 years (and 
>this was three years ago), 99% of all new housing had 
>antenna-restrictive covenants that were required to be signed in order 
>to purchase the property.  And we're a "wide open" Western state. 
>We have to continually fight back on this one.  Hand your neighbors a 
>copy of this:
>And tell them without your antennas, you simply won't be able to help if 
>something happens in your area.
>Sorry - got me off on a rant there...
>Nate WY0X


I know of some seniors living in assisted living buildings allowed antennas
on roof!  I guess you have asked.  Sorry!

Re: convenants (Nate):

Well come up to Alaska.  No convenants, no zoning, no builiding permits, do
what you want!  Sorry that the "communists" have taken over the lower-48 :-)  

Up here we live-free, and when nature comes a wailing, neighbors help
neighbors...forget the "gubernate" help agencies!  Actually, we have enough
people in Alaska so stay down there.  Newcomers just come up here expecting
everything that they left behind...we don't need that (covenants).  I hear
that some cities close to Alaska do have them (like Anchorage)...<local joke>

One reason I will retire here and not move south.
Ed - KL7UW  
144-MHz EME - BP40iq:
FT-847, mgf-1801/1402, 4xM2-xpol-20, 170w
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