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Re: Apathy?

Tony Langdon (ATC) wrote:

>Me?  Discovered (ham) VoIP 4 years ago, and that slowed down my sat activity
>:)  Still take an interest and occasionally dabble on AO-51, however.
I just have to keep an eye on Tony on the IRLP mailing lists!  Hahaha.. 
Just kidding Tony!

I got to hear my first AO-51 pass via the demonstration that W0LMD was 
doing with a couple of handhelds and a downconverter at the Boulder 
Amateur Radio Club hamfest last weekend in Longmont, CO. 

Was fascinating -- with it in S-band mode his little tiny homebrew yagi 
was cool.  The pass was high enough that the other ham holding an HT was 
working the bird fine... heard K7MT in Montana around that time 
Saturday.  Cool.  (Hope I remembered that call right...)

(Having not done much (any?) satellite stuff at all, it was fun to watch.)

He was asking me the other night about finding my old HP PocketPC and 
loading it up for him with something that'll do pass predictions so he 
has a small handheld unit.  I am looking around for all the parts to it 
(1 GB IBM Microdrive, etc...) and was going to put Linux on it for 
him... if I can find all the darn pieces/parts that are floating around 
various drawers in the shack.  He was looking for something that would 
output prediction info out the serial port in the unit... that'll have 
me scratching my head for a bit, but can probably do that.  I think he 
has some nifty ideas for it...

Meanwhile... the repeater club (which I recently found myself President 
of...) has been scrambling to finish site work for the year before we 
get snowed out of the sites... you never know when that first big 
snowstorm is going to show up in the Colorado Front Range... so far, 
Mother Nature is still smiling on us.  Perhaps we can get the VHF 
repeater at the highest site tested a bit (the PA's unhappy) and get the 
new UHF system installed before it gets too #@%^& cold to work on it up 
there.  Then the GE MASTR II 220 MHz conversion went from a "would be 
nice to finish someday" project to "uh oh... the old Kendecom 220 
machine is starting to act really flakey!", and the 6m repeater isn't 
hearing very well... (damn having a TV Channel 2 in this city!)... 
always something.

Hmm, what else?  The ham shack got moved to the basement at home from an 
upstairs bedroom and none of the co-ax or hardline has been moved yet.  
(Uggggghhh!  I don't even want to THINK about that.)

And that is the "ham" stuff... need to paint the house, finish 
winterizing the lawn and various things, get the snowblower running 
that's not working at the moment... all the usual business of life.

And through it all, I keep wondering how my Elmer always seemed to have 
time for me -- I'd show up at his house as a kid and he'd take hours 
explaining what he was doing and/or teaching on his whiteboard... many 
many days.  I have no idea how he had the time.

Nate WY0X
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