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Re: Apathy?

Busy here and maybe just a bit frustrated too. I'm new to the birds and the 
only real taste of it I've had is listening to the AO-51 downlink on an FM 
mobile dual-bander. I bought a brand spanking new TS-2000X at the Shelby NC 
hamfest during labor day weekend and I haven't even had the chance to put 
power to it yet!
 I'm right in the middle of doing some remodeling work on my house and 
moving my station  and computer to another room. I've got everything moved 
but the antenna cables! I don't have any sat antennas yet, I'm going to 
hombrew those, and I'm still trying to get my old HF rig ready to sell so I 
can get an Az/El rotor. I know I don't neccesarily need that for AO-51 but I 
need it for the other birds. I'll get there eventually and hope to work you 
when I do.
Michael, W4HIJ
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>I was on AO-51 tonight (first time I've had the opportunity to work sats in 
>a week it was pretty empty.  Someone I won't mention said "Have you seen 
>that the BB traffice has dropped off too?"
> So I wonder.  Only being a subscriber to the BB for about 3 years the 
> seasonal statistics baffle me.  Is everyone busy driving kids (and 
> grandkids) to school, sports, (and in Canada) hockey practice, or are we 
> really becoming sedate?
> Not trolling, but I am just curious about why BB and Sat activity has 
> dropped off.  Are you busy or bored?
> 73,
> Emily
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