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ISS school contact with UK successful!

Hello All,

Today I have listened to the ISS school contact with Wales (UK).
The contact was a success many questions have been
answered without QRM.
For the people who could not listen to this school contact
I have good news!
You can download the (mp3) recording from my
website: http://www.flaps40.net/pd0rkc
The first questions I have missed cause at that time the ISS
was not in range of Holland!

Below you can read the question from
the students.

Congrats to the UK school, and ARISS EU: Gaston Bertels.

73's Cor PD0RKC

1. Sannan: What inspired you to become an astronaut?
2. Kayleigh: What do you like about being an astronaut?
3. FFion: What is your favourite place on the Space Station?
4. Rachel: Did it take a while for you to adjust to zero gravity?
5. Jessica. What do you study on the Space Station?
6. LLyr: How is the Space Station powered?
7. Jemima: What do you do if the Space Station loses power?
8. Elinor: Do you worry that something might go wrong?
9. Rochelle: Have you ever been scared in Space?
10. Elgan: What do you do if someone is injured?
11. Lewis: What do you do for entertainment?
12. LLyr: How do astronauts keep fit?
13. Awen: How do you select the tools for each mission?
14. Erin: Are the space suits comfortable?
15. Alice: Have you ever had any embarrassing moments in space?
16. Sannan: How long does the oxygen supply last in the space suits? .
17. Kayleigh: If you cry in space, what happens to the tears?
18. FFion: How many rooms does the Space Station have?
19. Rachel: Do you have any books in space?
20. Jessica: Have animals ever been born in space?
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