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RE: Mails to Space



Mails to Space
Do "we want to try it?" concludes Karl Meinzer a treatise to the 
interstellar communication in the next AMSAT-DL journal (see below). Now, 
the AMSAT-DL will try it!

Through a happy circumstance is short after editorship end of the journal 
over the DLR and the Hamburgers communication agency "factor 3" a contact 
with the internet business Yahoo! into being come, planned that over its 
photo mail-offer an end shipment of greeting mails toward a conceivable 
extraterrestial civilization. Based on the investigations of Karl Meinzer to 
the interstellar communication and under consideration of the envoy 
possibilities over the Weilheimer 30-m-antenne 30-m-antenne ms, 30-m-antenne 
antenna became clear that we can send today already in the area of the lower 
meaningful achievement boundary of signals to one of the neighbor solar 

Thanks to the initiative of Yahoo! should after last plannings at the 12.9. 
such an envoy trial result. Goal is the 11.4 light year Cygni B" removed 
solar systems "61 in the star picture "swan". The quick star stands in 
September over the north-eastern horizon from the early afternoon and can 
become at night with some binoculars in the zenith discovered (see stars 
card). There are references that the star becomes bordered at least of a 
very large, planetenähnlichen object.

The end shipments should in the area in 10.5 GHZS with ca. 50 W envoy 
achievements result. Through the antennas profit of approximately 65 dBi, a 
radiation achievement of 150 MW arises. The opening angle of the antenna is 
littler than 0.1 °, and the Parabolspiegel was optimized in its construction 
on high next to point suppression there. The data are supposed to be sent 
with maximally 1 MBit/s with + /25 ° phasenmoduliert.

>From the 29.8. greeting messages become both over the Yahoo!-E-Mail-Adresse 
weltraummail@yahoo.de and for ham radio operators directly at us (s. u.) for 
the "mails to Space" named end shipment gathered. For this first, aimed 
interstellar end shipment through ham radio operators, a special permission 
was applied for in the alliance network agency. Hereby also the peculiarity 
of the experiment is underlined. Technically the project is led on the spot 
through Dominik Kuhlen (DH0DOM) of the Münchener AMSAT-DL-group.

References to the mail delivery for ham radio operators
Ham radio operators have the possibility to send characteristic greeting 
messages directly at an AMSAT-DL-E-Mail-Postfach with the address 
weltraummail@go-mars.de. The mails the Ruzeichen of the amateur radio 
station must contain in the reference and in the text contents in order to 
be considered for the test shipment. Moreover a picture supplement with a 
file size of kB is maximal 100 possible. The mail system produces an 
automatic confirmation in entrance of the greeting message.

Motives of the AMSAT-DL to the attempt
The AMSAT-DL would like to use the chance to this action “mails to Space” in 
order to plumb especially the technical characteristics of the unit further. 
The antenna is planned for the command business with the planned 
P5A-Marsmission of the AMSAT-DL. On the other hand becomes got into created 
therewith an in the end shipments proposed, earnest by Karl Meinzer 
adjoining stars systems.

It lies in the being of the amateur radio to send a general call (CQ), 
without knowing voher whether and who will answer. If it is possible in the 
mean time technical for ham radio operators, why not also toward other solar 
systems, in which life - at least theoretical - is conceivable.

Finally the action is also a good opportunity to refer publicly to the work 
and future projects as well as P3E and P5A. The space flight missions of the 
AMSAT-DL live always also of the support of the public.

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73 Trevor M5AKA
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