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OT:736 problem


A friend's FT736 has a problem. Since the -bb must have lots of 736 users I
wondered if anyone can help. Problem is as follows:

On switch-on the rig works perfectly. After about an hour, when releasing the
PTT, the rig will take a while to return to receive (1 to 2 Sec). This interval
increases until the rig stays perminantly on transmit. Switching off the rig
for a while restores normal operation for a while - then back comes the

It makes no difference to use VOX/MOX or the PTT - the circuitry is
somewhat complex but he has established that it probably has nothing to with
the PTT/VOX as these signal lines seem not to be asserted. any ideas would 
be appreciated.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188
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