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Fwd: N5AFV Hurricane Rita Update

I talked to Allen N5AFV on Echolink this morning and also received
the following email.  Allen said that it would be OK to share this
with the AMSAT community.  Have not yet talked to KK5DO yet but I
know he was on duty last night.

N5AFV Wrote:
>We appear to have survived Hurricane Rita with only minor
>damage.  My antennas seem to have all survived, but I haven't
>checked the SWR on them yet.  Current (1330 UTC) conditions are
>moderate rain with winds of about 30-35 mph and gusts to 45-50
>mph.  I could still sustain antenna damage in these winds which are
>expected to last at least another 4 to 6 hours.  The yard is
>littered with leaves, twigs and small branches.  Our wood privacy
>fences are missing boards.  I haven't made a thorough inspection of
>our property because the winds are still fairly strong.
>Electric service has been intermittent and is currently on.  Cell
>phones are working and we do not believe that they ever went
>down.  Warner Cable for the television and Internet went down about
>the time Rita made landfall.  Telephones are working so I still have
>a dial-up Internet connection.
>Tropical storm force winds began to affect SW Houston about 0000 UTC
>(24-Aug-2005), shortly after my west pass of AO-27.  We had light
>rain on and off with winds picking up drastically about 0700 UTC
>when Warner Cable service went down.  Total rainfall at our house
>from Rita as of 1330 UTC is only 0.65 inches.  The greatest concern
>is that Rita will stall out and stay over the Houston area bringing
>rain for several days.  Portions of the area could get as much 20
>inches of rain if that happens and flooding of the bayous as
>happened with Tropical Storm Allison four years ago would likely occur.
>The bottom line is that we are not yet out of the woods, but things
>are looking much better this morning.  We were fortunate that Rita
>made landfall just east of the mouth of the Sabine River and not at
>Galveston.  Beaumont and Lake Charles apparently got hit hard with
>120 mph winds.
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