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XI-V launch and request for help

Hello all,

I'm Ryu Funase, at University of Tokyo ISSL (Intelligent Space Systems

As you all may know well, our second cubesat called "XI-V" (sai-five)
will be launched on September 30th, which will be separated from SSETI

XI-V uses amateur radio band to communicate with the ground station. 
We, XI-V team would appreciate it if you receive the signal from XI-V.
You can send us the received data via email
or upload any data file through the web format

The specification of the transmitter is as follows:
CW morse-coded signal is on 437.465MHz +/- doppler, output power is 80mW
FM packet of AFSK AX.25 is on 437.345MHz +/- doppler, output power is
800mW. The details can be seen at

Althought the FM packet will not be transmitted unless commanded by the
ground station at Tokyo, CW signal is always ON, so anyone can receive
it. You can see the format of the CW signal at

As to the TLE, we will use that of SSETI Express (provided by Graham), as
the separation velocity is so small that the deviation from the orbit of
SSETI Express will be negligible for a few days.

Below shows the timeline.
Sep 30 06:52:26 (UTC)	launch
Sep 30 08:37:26 (UTC)	separation of XI-V
Sep 30 09:08:00 (UTC)	start of CW transmission (which will occur over
the pacific ocean)

Due to the power limitation, the initial interval of the CW signal is
about 30 seconds, and it will be very difficult to catch its signal.
We really appreciate it if you could help us. 
Any format of received data is welcome.

If you have anything to ask, please contact me or send email to

Best regards,
Ryu Funase

ISSL(Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory)
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
University of Tokyo
Ryu Funase
E-mail : funase@space.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
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