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Re: Bias Tee components

The bias tee works at the IF frequency, most likely 123 or 145 MHz, not at 2.4
GHz, so leaded capacitors will probably work fine, and a 1.5 inch piece of
wire will not be a significant inductor. To calculate the length of a 1/4 wave
section be sure to use the IF frequency also. 

Dan Schultz N8FGV

>Suggest a 1/4  wave in coax bypass the power end with a 47 pF chip 
>cap (0805 or 0603) use a second cap of same value for the DC Block.
>Capacitors with wire leads are usally to inductive to be effective 
>@ 2.4 GHz. 1.5 inch piece of wire will provide enough inductance.

>You might be able to find a Radio Shack Bias tee for Satellite 
>TV Preamp that will work.

> Would someone kindly recommend the optimum value of the 
> inductance and capacitance in a coax bias tee powering a 
>2.4Ghz preamp.
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