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Re: SuitSat Tracking

Another way to think about it is to consider what happens when 2 cars go 
around a curve, one on the inside lane and one on the outside lane.  Even if 
traveling at the SAME speed, the car on the inside will be ahead coming out 
of the curve because it didn't have to travel as far as the car on the 
outside (longer radius equals a longer arc subtended)  That's why race car 
drivers always want the inside of a turn!  Then, on top of the effects of 
simple geometry, the pull of gravity adds a component of acceleration, so 
SuitSat will actually speed up,  increasing the lead even more.

George, KA3HSW

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> Thanks for the analogy.  Makes perfect sense.
> On 9/21/05, Robert Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu> wrote:
>> >>> "A.J. Farmer (AJ3U)" <farmer.aj@gmail.com> 09/21/05 4:25 PM
>> >...will SuitSat's orbit be pretty much in sync with
>> >ISS and just lose altitude until re-entry, or should
>> >it be expected to "lag" considerably behind ISS as
>> >its orbit decays?
>> For what it is worth, it has always fascinated me that
>> something that "lags" in space, actually "leads".  "The
>> more the drag, the faster it goes."
>> Is completely counter-intuitive, but it is because things
>> are traveling in a circle instead of a straight line.  If
>> you have more drag, it makes you go "slower", but this
>> actually makes you fall closer to earth, but the lower
>> you go like a spinning skater bringing in her arms, the
>> faster she goes.  So Suitsat will begin to lead ISS
>> as it decays...
>> de Wb4APR, Bob
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